About Michael Arndt

Michael ArndtBorn 1969 in Frankfurt/Germany, I started to generate black and white photographs in the 1980s. In those photographs I tried to show clear structures, often supported by changes carried out in the dark room later. Some of these photographs bridge the gap between photography and drawing.

During my studies in engineering and the first working years, I had to make a break in doing art.

However, in 2000 I started to discover watercolors, often in combination with graphical techniques like pencil or indian ink drawings. Watercolors suit my need to be able to paint fast and without a lot of different materials. Since then this is my favorite technique.  I am developing my art to a specific style, supported by lessons of well known watercolor artists like Gerhard Hillmayr and others. Since 2010, I also paint using oil colors which I love because of the possibility to generate really thick layers. So the painting sometimes becomes a relief. I took a course at the known painter Christopher Lehmpfuhl to learn this technique.

On this blog, I will show new paintings whenever they are ready. Not all of them will be “good”, as this is not a commercial site. Neither will these paintings be done for selling purposes (although I will also sell paintings, if anyone is interested…). I will use this site more like a diary. So, the paintings on this site will show the ups and downs of an artistic development.

I am open for feedback and critics, so feel free to leave comments.

Hope You enjoy the blog !

Michael Arndt

PS: The name of the blog comes from the german word “klecksen” which means a happy way of painting without caring too much about technique.


7 Responses to “About Michael Arndt”

  1. Klecksen is what I aspire to though I have a way to go yet – thanks for sharing this

  2. Aloha Michael,
    I love your work and the concept of growing from each subsequent piece of work. I stumbled onto your site, having googled ink and watercolor abstracts…Wonderful work! Keep it up! I hope to continue doing more works in the new year as well…regards and aloha,Melissa

  3. Nice work, are you a illustrator?

  4. hi. just wanted to say i love it that you mentioned a happy way of painting without caring too much about technique. its the best technique in the world 😀

  5. Hi Michael,

    I came across your site doing a Google search on watercolor beaches.

    WOW …. I love your work. For years, watercolors have always been my favorite medium.

    I love your work. !! It reminds me of ‘impressionism’.

  6. Hi,

    I just stumbled across your site via google and would like to know if you would consider selling one of your paintings? The one I am interested in, is a watercolor of sailboats. Do you have a contact email where I could send you a picture of the specific one and discuss this privately?

    Thank you,

  7. Hi
    I thought I should mention that I have nominated you for an award. http://kestrelart.wordpress.com/2012/11/04/award-ceremony/. These awards are memes or mind-viruses, so as far as I am concerned please accept the award but do not feel obliged to follow its instructions unless you want to. I nominated you simply because I enjoy seeing your posts when they drop in my inbox.

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